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love my earth

amplifying and admiring nature at its most beautiful

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This community is a platform for anyone and everyone to blog and share about almost anything under the sun. You don't have to be an activist, you don't have to know a lot, just get involved :) Wildlife conservation, interesting human cultures, charity work & volunteer opportunities, on-going environmental petitions, eco-living suggestions, or even just fascinating facts and studies you have come across, anything goes! So go ahead and post up beautiful pictures and stories about the environment! Share what you know and show that you care! Our fundamental purpose is to create awareness of the beauty that our world has to offer and inspire others to love and protect it.

There are certainly some sights and experiences with nature & culture that most of us will never get to enjoy and appreciate first hand, therefore we hope that as more and more people get involved in the community internationally , we can grow in our knowledge of the world that would have previously been impossible.

So pleaseeeee! share what you've learn so that we can all learn :)
Go ahead, get excited & get posting!

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